Top 10 Best 80 Inch TVs

80-Inch TV
80-Inch TV

When you shop for such a big and potentially costly item you realize that research is not recommended but required. Why? Knowing the latest information about various graphics processors or even image formats will make your decision.

All in all, you will not find a more complete guide for buying a large TV. Keep reading and check out the best buying guide for 90-inch TVs around. Check out the ultimate guide to the best current 90 – 100 inch TVs from Sharp to Sony to LG and more.

Why Buy an 80-inch TV?

Buying the ideal 80-inch TV will give you more than enough pleasure and fun. For example, you can enjoy a bigger screen that gives you cinema or projector-size images without having to leave your house!

Is an 80-inch TV The right size for you?

When you commit to buying an 80+ inch TV it means a lot of change. For example, fitting a  screen that large in a normal living room is not easy. Instead, be prepared before buying such a large TV at first. Of course, if you have a large space or multiple rooms then this will not be a concern.

A TV that is 80 inches or needs to be installed in a room that has been prepared logistically for sizing and staging. Wall mounting is key and needs to be secured as well overall. However, it is crucial that the load bearing and the bracket are strong enough to support the TV.

Seating around a large-screen TV requires space. So, determine how far you need to sit or as close as you want or up to 18 feet away. Remember, that the increased resolution means that you can sit closer. Overall, the experience of watching a movie, sports event, or regular TV should be enjoyable and the experience more immersive.

All in all, investment in the TV and preparation for staging something this large means planning. Be prepared to make the necessary changes and funding to make any multi-channel audio system better. Dolby Atmos sound and various soundbars will be available to increase your audio and video experience. Lastly, just be prepared for investment and organization of setup.

The Best 80 Inch TVs 2023

Sony X85J 85 Inch TV

Sony has released the best 80-inch category TV. In terms of large-screen TVs, this Sony model can not be beat. Sony beats the competition with incredible features like a 4K HDR Processor, 4K X-REALITY PRO, Apple airplay, and various other up-to-date functionality.

Sony showcases a 4K HDR Processor X1 wonderfully. All in all, the X85J TV is able to offer a picture that is smooth and clear. Expect the best quality overall with detailed contrast depth. In terms of colors, expect a complete array of rich colors. Enjoy your favorite content just as the original content creator intended, in a beautiful 4K HDR.

Sony is well-regarded because of its powerful and efficient TV processing. Expect Triluminos Pro that TRILUMINOS reproduces more colors than a normal TV would in general. This would mean that Sony gives a picture quality that is natural and focused. You will feel as if this TV is as close to what you would see in real life.

This particular 80-inch plus TV has great overall reviews and feedback. In general, expect an LED display with vivid and rich resolution for such a large-screen TV.

  • Outstanding contrast and High definition give a rich screen resolution
  • Big selection of Apps for smart functionality
  • Wonderful response time due to powerful technology from the RS232C. Expect personalization and accessibility
  • Gaming features are not yet available, so limited overall.
  • Claims of Image degradation at certain angles.

SAMSUNG 85-Inch Class Neo QLED QN90A

Samsung is well-rated overall and very dependable for a variety of reasons. This Samsung model is usually rated as the best 80-inch TV in the LED category. In addition, this TV is very stylish. The QN90A is sleek and features a bezel-free design.

If you are looking for a superior high-end model jam-packed with features then this is it. The Samsung QN90A excels and performs very well in both dark and bright environments. LED TVs are efficient because they reduce permanent burn-ins. Your screen will survive long-time usage and offer rich and fine displays of colors. Please be cautioned, that most major streaming services are available, but many apps and built-in programs are not available.

Samsung’s interface is full of features compared with other smart TV systems overall. Samsung offers mini LED backlighting to great effect. Moreover, Samsung displays very bright and rich graphics for any lover of brilliant and massive TVs.

There is a  wide color variant for HDR content. Samsung’s ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ technology makes this an obvious choice for functionality and efficiency. All in all, this is the top-of-the-line 85-inch TV you can buy with an LED panel.

  • Fast response time means results in smooth motion.
  • FreeSync VRR support.
  • Amazing HDR peak brightness and capability
  • Displaying a wide color range
  • Gaming functionality is limited overall.
  • Image degradation at some angles.

SONY XR-83A90J 83 Inch TV

The ideal movie-watching experience is a must for any large-screen TV watcher. This Sony model has as well features for gaming and VRR support. This TV has a  premium design and a sleek look overall.

The Sony XR-83A90J has some things in common with the LG because both have OLED panels and offer deep striking color balance. For your movie-watching experience with family and friends, you need a TV that will give you great black definition as well as uniformity. Moreover,

Moreover, the  Sony XR-83A90J requires a bright HDR experience for movies and showcases.  Processing is a big issue for any large-screen TV for movies and general action and clarity. Stronger upscaling and monitoring give an improved movie-watching experience.

The Sony is much more expensive than the LG models so be prepared to pay more. , But, paying for the best movie experience requires this Sony model. Easy access to Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, and more as well as the Google Assistant button connects wirelessly to the TV.

  • Superior Processing for Movie-watching
  • Image quality performance is high
  • Deep Striking Color Balance
  • This Sony model is more expensive than the LG models


This is a superior 4K TV that is only available at 85 inches. The TCL 85-inch Class 4K has UHD Dolby Vision and includes a Roku Smart TV function. Furthermore, you can utilize easy voice Control to use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for movies.

The TCL 85R745 has wonderful usage in a variety of formats and functions. If you want to watch movies in darker areas then the TCL does the job. The VA panel produces deep blacks, so you get a good vision for anyone looking for a wonderful 4K experience.

All around, this TV performs well for anyone wanting a vivid and virtual experience for movies or sports. You can expect fantastic peak brightness as well as vivid and strong reproductions. From various and narrow viewing angles there is clarity for watching.

In conclusion, the TCL delivers for gaming in SDR or HDR due to its quick response time. As well, expect a low input lag, and bright vibrancy enough to enhance your HDR and 4K experience.

  • Fast response time means results in smooth motion.
  • FreeSync VRR support.
  • Superior 4K and HDR capability
  • Wide color range
  • Viewing angles are limited.
  • Reflection handling is average

Samsung QN85A QLED

This TV is part of Samsung’s Neo QLED series. Expect a wide array of functionality and more that gives the user a chance to enjoy movies, gaming, and more. This TV can be considered an improvement from regular QLEDs due to Mini LED backlighting.

Overall, the Samsung performs well for mixed usage for various functions. There are good controls due to the ADS panel, which is very similar to IPS. The TV output gives off a low native contrast ratio. Thus, the local dimming wonderfully improves the contrast detail in many picture modes.

The best feature of this Samsung, which makes it great for variety, is the wide viewing angles. These angles mean you can easily watch with anyone. Even gaming is super intuitive as you have a strong response time for smooth motion gaming maneuvers.

In closing, this Samsung offers bright and exceptional reflection handling for a variety of mixed-use. Overall, expect HDR brightness that will highlight your favorite content beautifully. Wonderful for movies in HDR and a lot more!

  • Bright and powerful to enhance in HDR.
  • Mixed usage from Gaming to group movie functionality
  • Color detail and lower-resolution content capability
  • Low native contrast for graphics overall
  • No Dolby Vision functionality

LG QNED90 86 Inch TV

This LG model is ideal for wide viewing angles overall. You can’t beat what this TV offers overall for watching movies on HDR. The best viewing for any movie for this LG 86-inch TV is within a dark room of course. Featuring quantum dot nanoCell color technology that offers excellent picture quality and power.

The LG QNED90 TV offers wonderful contrast with local dimming. Moreover, expect that local dimming features will be impressive and above average. For movies and action scenes expect peak brightness in HDR.  Therefore, there will be scenes that stand all in all.  In general, you will get a very wide color range for rich detail on the screen.

The LG QNED90 will make some gamers happy. Because this TV has top-notch gaming features. You will be able to enjoy variable refresh rates, which are completely compatible with the latest consoles.

In terms of the downside, situations have developed in terms of darkness and contrast balance. So, blooming in dark scenes may be an issue or problem overall. The response time is what makes this LG TV stand out overall.


  • Great contrast with local dimming overall
  • Fantastic response time.
  • Excellent gaming features and functionality as well for VRR support.
  • Low input lag.
  • Dark scenes may have problems with blooming.
  • Uniformity issues in areas of colors that may appear in a similar tone.

Samsung AU8000 85 Inch TV

Samsung makes a great 86-inch TV that is ideal for any entry-level large-screen TV buyers. Why? The question is more about the value and features this Samsung offers overall. To look at the disadvantages, the Samsung is not recommended for wide seating arrangements.

The Samsung AU8000 ranks overall with an average rating for mixed usage. If you want to watch movies then this may not be the best in the market.  However, this TV does offer a lot of value in the other functionality. You will get a high native contrast ratio but don’t expect everything. You will not get a local dimming feature though so beware.

Watching TV shows and sports is best with them because of its more than apt reflection handling. This is an entry-level TV for anyone looking for an alternative and more affordable 4K option. Be prepared for some limitations overall despite the cost savings.

On the downside, the Samsung does not have gaming features. The TV has a slow response time. Overall, the Samsung has low input lag.  As well, don’t expect a rich color display that shows a wide color gamut for HDR content. For wide view angles, the Samsung has narrow viewing angles with limitations and lack of clarity. Lastly, the brightness is lacking so the Samsung doesn’t bring out highlights.

  • Entry Level Price and Cost saving
  • Great reflection handling and High contrast Ratio
  • Relatively low input lag on Game Mode.
  • Wide Angle Movie Watching has limitations
  • Not very bright in SDR or HDR
  • Slow response time for gaming

Hisense 4K Ultra HD Android Smart 85-Inch TV

Hisense is making a TV that is the best for high-resolution graphics and output overall. As well, you can expect Alexa Compatibility and high-end functionality. This 85-inch TV is best for your favorite movies, shows, sports events, and even gaming.

This large-screen TV offers excellent photo and video quality with highlighted colors, details, and more. You will get a great deal of depth in the visual because of advanced technology capacity.

This 4K UHD Smart TV offers 1080p resolution as well as a stunning high-definition screen. The brilliant display is dynamic and powerful because of the full-range LED backlight.

The operating systems for Hissence mean you can utilize l apps and streaming on the TV itself. With Hisense, expect to use the included Roku TV and Android TV features.

If you want a TV for streaming your favorite services and online games, then the H65G Series 4K UHD TV is perfect. The well-priced TV does give you the ability to turn any room into an entertainment showroom. You can utilize the Dolby Vision HDR and as well High Dynamic Range to get stunning color, contrast, and brightness for whatever you watch.

  • High dynamic range for dynamic brilliance and display
  • Motion enhancement technologies for sports and movie-watching
  • Smart platform to utilize all apps and streaming services
  • Issues with mounting TV on the wall
  • Streaming service issues with Roku

LG OLED83C1 83 Inch TV

LG is one of the first OLED TVs on the market. For an incredible price, you will get excellent image and video quality, which will give you all the advantages of OLED. This TV offers a lot that will clearly bring a lot of dynamic quality and subtle imagery to any number of scenes.

An OLED large-screen TV does not require a backlight to power its light for images. These TVs are fundamentally much different from LCD models. Expect pixels to create their own light that gives this LG a definitive edge for displaying nuance and brilliance in video. Controlling the brightness individually means you can put pitch-black areas to create a cinematic effect.  Big movie fans adore and love the accuracy of the TV.

This is LG’s latest model that offers sharp color with greater accuracy. This is the ultimate home movie experience because of the HDR, Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby sound. You can’t beat this TV if you want to enjoy movies in greater detail with greater dynamics.

All in all, this TV is highly rated and a bit costly. However, do beware that it will not go very bright in general. Some have claimed that this LG TV model at 83 inches may appear washed out.  In set environments, this TV is best for showcasing its greater power and brilliance.

  • Expect Excellent 4K image quality and dynamics
  • A very rich OLED HDR
  • Built for big movie fans recreating cinema experiences
  • Limitations because no HDR10+
  • Inferior Sound quality issues

 Sony X800H 85 Inch TV

TVs this big don’t come any cheaper than this. This is an incredible deal that will make anyone wonder at the price and features being offered. As budget-friendly TVs go this is a great TV in many regards. But, be aware of some limitations and as well issues with sound, connectivity, audio, and overall functionality.

4K HDR super bit mapping makes this Song unique in every regard at this price category. In general, Super Bit Mapping or SBM, which is usually found, gives an optimal advantage for display purposes. As well, you get an HDR feature that decreases banding amongst bright and dark colors on the screen overall. The Sony gives a dynamic quality of power and immersive richness.

Don’t expect the brilliance of the higher-end and more expensive TVs that feature Quantum HDR like Samsung models available. This Sony TV model also supports Dolby Atmos but does have limitations. Moreover, with connectivity, the various ports are able to connect your entire home theater to some measure of success.

Overall, this is a great decision for anyone looking to begin their journey in the world of large-screen TVs. The price is well below $2000 USD and much cheaper than the competition all in all.

  • Has the functionality and display power to get quite bright
  • Accurate color display and richness
  • Overall, fairly dependable viewing angles
  • An issue with shallow black levels
  • Poor quality and limitations of functionality

Things To Consider Before Buying


The Size of an 80-inch TV

An 80-inch TV is a TV that has an 80-inch diagonal, its width is 177 cm (5.81 feet), height is 99.6 cm (3.27 feet)

The Viewing Distance

The area of an 80-inch TV is 1.763 m², which is best viewed at 10.9 feet (3.31 m) with a 30° viewing angle. If you want to experience the visual effects of cinema, the best viewing distance is 8 feet (2.44 m) with a 40° viewing angle. So, a 26-square-meter room is suited for your 80-inch TV.

Picture Quality

For any large-screen TV, this is a crucial feature. When you buy any TV, you need to be able to angle and view the movie or film in a room with various amounts of light. When you display a TV with a 120HZ panel, what would be great is a smooth action replay for scenes of action and fighting.

Moreover, checking black levels for perfecting the right angles is key. Therefore, you may need to inquire about 4K or more if you demand more overall.

Smart TV Accessibility

Always make sure to know about Smart TV options. For example, you need to do more research on Wi-Fi because of all the innovative apps. As well, streaming requires a powerful and capable smart TV functionality.  Smart TV internet options are important for programs and apps on any TV.

TV Design

Whether a TV has a sleek or bulkier build means a lot to your home TV setup. You need to know what works best for you and your space. Wall mounts are common for such TVs but be prepared for the options.

Screen resolution

Should you buy a TV with 8K, 4K, or HD? All of these are emerging new technology mediums changing all the time. IF resolution is important then make sure to know the number of pixels that make up the picture a display for any model you might buy.

Also, remember that the more pixels will translate into sharper pictures then expect of course greater detail and finer dynamic brilliance overall. All in all, a higher resolution is better and will make your movie-watching, sports games, or TV experience that much better.

HDMI and Connections

The more the better because connectivity to many devices and program apps is more and more popular. Basically, the number of HDMI inputs a TV has means you can add Roku and Chromecast or things like a soundbar.

Many TV Manufacturers who have limited features will have fewer HDMI plugs on the back, so be sure to know you want more just in case you crave to expand your TV setup. Oftentimes, the TV ports can be taken up quickly.

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