Motorola puts Samsung and Xiaomi in the shade with new smartphone

Motorola is becoming a bigger and bigger opponent for Samsung and Xiaomi. The smartphone manufacturer, which belongs to Lenovo, is pushing onto the market with more and more models that actually look very competitive. Now the Moto X40 Pro shows itself in a video and reveals its almost bezel-less design.

Motorola Moto X40 Pro: Design leaked

Motorola is yet to officially unveil the Moto X40 Pro, which will most likely be released as Moto Edge 40 Pro or Ultra in Europe. Many details have already been leaked in advance. Among them is an alleged quad-edge design, where the screen is supposed to cover all four sides of the smartphone. However, it will not be quite that spectacular. In fact, it will be a dual-edge design, where the screen will only extend on the right and left sides. Nevertheless, the Motorola phone can inspire, because the chin and the forehead will be extremely narrow (source: mysmartprice). You can take a look at the design in the video:

You can even see in the animation that Motorola has slightly rounded the glass on the top and bottom so that the impression of a quad-edge design could be created. However, the display does not extend all the way there, so the effect is only created when the phone is turned off. Overall, the Motorola phone still looks almost bezel-less and can thus outdo smartphones from Samsung and Xiaomi, some of which are not built that way and probably cost considerably more. Even in comparison with the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra in the cover picture, you can see how much narrower the edges have become.

Motorola Moto X40 Pro with high-end equipment

Not only will the Motorola phone be a real treat in terms of looks, but it will also be set right at the top in terms of technology. The new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is used. In addition, very good cameras and a large battery that can be charged quickly are to be installed. However, the Moto X40 Pro will not be a small phone with 6.67 inches. The Moto X40 Pro is expected to be unveiled in China in December. The phone will probably also be released internationally under a different name a bit later.