Guide to Managing the Cables in Your Home

Guide to Managing the Cables in Your Home
Guide to Managing the Cables in Your Home

Once you find the best coaxial cable for your needs, you’ll want to protect it and keep your cords organized. There are several ways to do this.

Add Protection

The best way to shield your coax and make it look tidy is by having it installed inside of your walls. This is not typically a project that can be done by homeowners. You’ll need to hire an electrician to get your coax in the wall without disturbing other wires or destroying your walls.

Not everyone can afford the expense of hiring someone to do this service. There are some other options that can protect your cables while making them blend in with your decor, though.

Add colorful wraps

Wrapping your cables adds a layer of armor that can protect them from pets and kids. There are two different ways to wrap your coax cables.

Buy vinyl tubing in a color that matches your flooring, cut a slit down one side of the tubing and slip the coaxial cable inside. This covering will make the cable blend in with your décor and will prevent wear on the cables.

Spiral wrap is another option. It comes in multiple colors and can be easily applied to your cables for extra protection.

Dip your coaxial

Instead of wrapping your new coax, you can paint on the protection. Liquid electrical tape can be painted onto cords to protect them from damage. Liquid plastic paints such as PlastiDip or Porformix can also be useful. They are sold online or in home improvement stores.

Make a bridge

If your cable needs to go across an area where people walk, it will probably wear out very quickly, not to mention it’s a tripping hazard. A cable bridge is the best solution. The product acts as a bridge that takes feet up and over the coaxial cords so there is no wear and tear on the cable.

Keep things tangle-free

Guide to Managing the Cables in Your Home
Guide to Managing the Cables in Your Home

Cords trailing out behind your entertainment center can be an eyesore. There are several ways to tidy up your electrical cords, coaxial, and other cords.

Many people bundle cords together and secure them with plastic zip ties. The problem with this is when you need to move your DVD player or audio system, you’ll need to cut all of the zip ties. This can be a pain. A better option would be securing your cords with Velcro cord ties. These can be secured and then re-secured multiple times.

Another option is a cord keeper. Multiple cords are threaded through a device that is a strip or medallion shape. All of the cords are kept together but can be easily removed using these devices.

Exposing coaxial to feet, pets or other elements of the home can make it wear out much more quickly. Even if you have a good warranty, replacing coax can be a pain. A little added protection, such as in-wall installation, liquid plastics, wrappings, or cable bridges can make your cable last longer and make your life just a little simpler. Once the cables are protected, a little organization can add to your entertainment center’s aesthetics.